• About Antiquities Experts

    Antiquites Experts has experts, researchers, and representatives in fourteen countries.

    Buying and selling antiquities has become more complex than ever. Among the latest problems are:

    • Has the piece been excavated legally?
    • Was it tagged, reported and recorded by the proper authorities?
    • Was it legally exported?
    • Has it been legally imported?
    • Is it a find that pre-dates the new regulations?

    Antiquities must now have identification papers, passports, certificates of origin, and documentation showing it is legal to own them, or to sell them, or to buy or collect them.

    Forgeries, of course, are still a problem. In several countries, the manufacture of fake antiquities has become a viable business.

    The services Antiquities Experts offers are:

    • Identification. What is it? Where and when was it created?
    • Authentication. Is the antiquity genuine or a forgery? If it is authentic we can issue a certificate of authenticity for it.
    • Legal status. Does the piece have the appropriate documentation? We will do all the necessary paperwork to make the object legal to own, sell, buy, insure or donate for a tax deduction.
    • Appraisal. We are USPAP-certified appraisers who can write appraisals for any purpose.
    • Sale. If you need help selling any antiquity or a collection of them we will assist you.