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    1. Initial opinion on what the item is.
    2. Dating from photographs. Approximate date the antiquity was made.
    3. Identification from photographs. Where the antiquity was made.
    4. Authentication. This is a verification the antiquity is authentic.
    5. Certification. Official Certificate of Authenticity.
    6. Informal estimate of value.
    7. Official appraisal or valuation.
    8. Dating performing material tests such as Thermoluminescence.
    9. Physical examination of antiquity.
    10. Provenance research and reconstruction.
    11. Legal documentation. This establishes that the antiquity is legal to own and was legally imported and exported.
    12. Cataloguing of collection.
    13. Antiquity buying advice.
    14. Antiquity selling advice

    Please send any inquiries about our fees or services to info@antiquitiesexperts.com.